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Keepsakes – 4


Taz appeared in Jingwu’s living room.

She was there, looking over her assignment board. She smiled when she saw him. “And what did you do on your vacation?”

“Surfing, girl, surfing. Girl, poker, girl. Sleep, girl, surfing, home. How are things here?”

Jingwu chuckled. “We went to . . . → Read More: Keepsakes – 4

Keepsakes – 3


“So when were you with the Eldest?” Taz asked.

“We were there for the Peach Harvest, and for about two months after that,” Renyi said.

“How was she?” Taz said.

“She was Great-grandmother,” Junxin said.

“Same as always,” Ruiman said.

“And the staff? The . . . → Read More: Keepsakes – 3

Keepsakes – 2

*** II

“Here?” the driver asked. He eyed the street scene dubiously: Narrow, dark and dirty.

“Here,” Taz said.

The driver shrugged, and pulled the limo over.

Taz exited the long car. He started walking back towards the alley that was one of this evening’s pedestrian entrances to the Inn.

The limo accelerated smoothly away, . . . → Read More: Keepsakes – 2